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This 42 ft vessel is a one of a kind customized boat designed to increase your chances of catching the fish we are targeting in a comfortable elegant way. Why?  How?  Here are the answers:


To start with, the Cha Ching has 3 brand new 350 horsepower Yamaha 

motors.  That's 1050 horsepower to enable you to get to the fishing grounds at lighting speeds, the boat has a full station tower with electronics to make fish finding easy, The rail of the boat where you fight fish as a full cushioned belly band around the entire boat for angler 360 degree conformability. The electronic are state of the art Garmin system. The radar is able of detecting birdsí miles away. The depth sounder has new technology called high chirp that will graph the bottom with extensive detail that will show where the fish are lurking and mark them clearly on the screen. The autopilot is programmable to fishing patterns and is controlled remotely. What does that mean to you?  Well, this autopilot enables the captain to move freely around the boat. He does not need to stay at the controls of the boat.  You can steer from anywhere on the boat which gives you more assistance when needed and helps in landing your catch. The boat has full side enclosures to protect you from the elements of the weather as well as a sunshade that will not hinder the boats fish ability. Once on the fishing grounds, enclosures can be removed to give you the walk around capabilities that this boat is known for.  


The center cabin also provides a comfortable area get out of the weather if so desired or just have a hot cup of coffee. The boat is also equipped with a stand up private head and shower. The boat does not require ice in our built in coolers. There are 2 large custom coolers, one for beverage and food the other an additional refrigerator or freezer. Our coolers are ice free but cold to keep your beer, soda and water chilled and your food fresh and NOT soggy and water soaked. Our fish box is insulated to keep you catch cold to provide better then fish market fresh. The tower fishing deck area is equipped with sunshades for your comfort   The 42 invincible is considered one of the best riding high performance fishing boats of its class by several magazines. The Invincible boat is the new boat used by US Customs and Border Patrol. The Cha Ching is a one of a kind custom fishing machine. The Cha Ching puts your day on the water with comfort and modernizes fish ability to give you the edge to catch fish. 


Our primary concern is your safety during your fishing experience. The Cha Ching is equipped with the most modern safety equipment available. The Cha Ching has the equipment and Coast Guard licensed professional crews to insure our pledge. We are seasoned and experienced on water. The boat has the entire standard equipment package required by the United States Coast Guard.  The Chi Ching has additional equipment consisting of a GPS EPIRB, offshore life raft and heavy weather sea anchor. The EPIRB is a piece of electronic equipment that activates a signal to rescue officials and additionally important is this EPIRB gives the exact location of the distress call automatically. Our VHF radios also have a navigation location feature for distress. The boat is also equipped with an offshore life raft that is not standard on most boats of this style. There is also a customized sea anchor if so needed  for heavy weather conditions.


The Cha Ching is located in Boca Raton and fishes the area referred to as the "Martini Glass" off of southern Palm Beach County.  This area is part of what is known as the famous Sailfish Alley during the winter months. From its base it travels to the Bahamas and the Keys as custom trips are booked by our clients.

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Center Console Charter Boat, Boca Raton,Boynton Beach, Bahamas & Florida Keys
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