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WE specialize in customizing trips for your requirements and target species. We appreciate your traveling and schedule requirements and will customize our fishing times to your needs when possible. Email us or call us.

The duration of trips offered offer are:

  • Half day

  • Three-quarter day

  • Full day

  • Night trips

  • Weekend trips to the Bahamas

Try our weekend trips to the West End of the Bahamas or week trips to the Bahamas .  The Cha Ching can get you to West End in 1hr and 40 mins with the new engines totaling 1050 horsepower.  The Cha Ching makes running to the Bahamas fast and easy.   Weather permitting the Cha Ching can have you fishing the same day of your arrival.  In West End you will have the opportunity to fish for yellow tail snapper, grouper, yellow eye Snapper and queen snapper.  Troll for wahoo in the fall and winter months, and in the spring troll for tuna, dolphin, and blue marlin.  Or chuck for tuna. This boat has the ability to carry large quanitites of live bait when tuna fishing to give you that edge to catch more and the big ones.   We can supply accommodations at a recently built resort that is minutes away from the fishing grounds.   Package deals are inclusive of rooms, meals, boat dockage, swimming pool and hot tub all on premise for your use and convenience.  Call us for this wonderful experience and we customize your trip and target the fish species of your choice. Diving is also available on these trips. Trips can be arranged for overnight or long weekends. 

The types and methods of fishing trips offered are:

  • Kite fishing

  • Bottom fishing

  • Trolling

  • Combo kite and bottom fishing

  • Day or night Swordfishing


We will take a maximum of 6 people. If cost is not a factor, one and two people trips produce the most action on an individual angler basis.


Booking a trip is accomplished by sending a credit card or check deposit to hold the boat for the date or dates you want. The first step is to call us or email us to express your interest in the type of trip you want. At that time we will make recommendations for the type of fish prevalent at that time. We will discuss depart times and arrival times directions to the boat and any other questions you may have. We will hold that date per your phone for 4 days which we would expect a deposit check arriving in the mail. If booked in advance we will keep you informed on the fishing activities.


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