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Kite fishing is method that was developed in Florida that has been a proven technique for all game fish, This method of fish eliminates lines and lead from being in the water except your bait. The bait is constantly adjusted to keep it on the surface of the water. This makes your bait a lethal target to the big fish lurking below. This method increases your chances to see the fish strike on the surface of the water. What a spectacular sight to see!  Especially a sailfish strike!


Bottom fishing is a method to catch fish that live on the bottom on the reef. We do this by drifting baits close to or on the bottom. This is accomplished by placing lead weights on the lines. We have various styles of bottom rigs. A bottom rig is a combination of a weight and hooks working together to make the fish bite your bait. The type fish generally caught are mutton snapper, yellow tail, vermilion snapper, and grouper. What fine table fair they make and very fun catching. I have been told that the stories of the actual catch at the dinner table are as grand as the table fair served


Trolling is a method that the boat is constantly-making head way in the water with the motors. You will fish 4 to 6 fishing rods. Each of the rods will have trolling baits attached to the line. The baits are then positioned in a pattern that reassembles a school of bait moving thru the water. The types of bait can be all artificial, all dead bait (rigged to look like they are alive) and or a combination of both artificial and or dead bait. This method of fishing is a deadly method at different times of the year.


This is a trip that makes most of our customers happy. Why? Everyone wants to take fish home to eat. This method enables you to do that and also at the same time top water fish for sailfish, dolphin, king mackerel and tuna. This trip can only be accomplished correctly on a boat like the Cha Ching. So you are actually doing two trips in one and increasing your changes to catch fish. This is the best value trip on the market place. It is more work on your crew but our goal is to give you the best day that is possible on the water. Think about this, bottom boats do not fly kites, nor do they have this expensive equipment. If you charter one of the big sport boats around the area and ask them to bottom fish most of them they will laugh at you or tell you if we bottom fish we cannot kite fish at the same time make a choice.  Make a choice now and charter the Cha Ching and combination fish kite fish and bottom fish all at the same time. We have had many happy customers by end of the   trip has caught a sailfish, and also have a cooler of snapper fillets to take home for dinner.  That is not a bad day!


NIGHTTIME swordfishing.  For the big game angler this is your trip.  For the first time sword fisherman, what a experience! You get the chance of catching something extremely large that puts up a tremendous fight and what fine table fare these fish provide. The fishing is done in the dark do to the type of fish we are targeting. The method of fishing is drifting with various kinds of bait that are set at different water depths to cover the water columns where these swordfish may be feeding. The trip is a minimum of a 6 hour trip and can also be extend for the entire evening till dawn. We are fishing in the Gulf Stream in deep water waiting for the swordfish to bite. Here is where the Cha Ching is ahead of the rest of the outboard fleet. With a spacious 36 footer with a extremely well lit cockpit you have plenty of room to move around and our cuddy cabin gives you the extra comfort level of stretching out, relaxing or sleeping. The cabin has lights, fans, and stand up toilet and is very comfortable to that puts you out of the night air so desired. This is a special feature we offer on our custom contender. The Chi Chang is also equipped with underwater lights that attract baitfish and sea life. When waiting for the sword bite you can watch a natural aquarium behind the boat that is always an interest to all. Additionally we have seen Swordfish swimming thru the lights. Then the excitement begins.

For those of you that want to catch a swordfish and do not want to fish at night we offer DAYTIME swordfishing. This style of fishing is very productive also. An advantage is that you are fishing during daylight hours and are not out in the ocean late at night. We accomplish this type of fishery with an electric reel. During the day we drop the bait in 1500 feet of water plus, searching for the swordfish. The reason for this depth is that swordfish are nocturnal feeders. The fish settle to these deep depths of the ocean during the day. It has been proven many times that swordfish still eat during the day. The Cha Ching is equipped with the latest electric rod and reel combination to enable you to fish where the swordfish are lurking during the day. The reel used on the Cha Ching is a Diawa 3000 electric reel, which is state of the art equipment for this style of fishing.  The rod and reel offers you the angler variable speed electric retrieve, electric line counter, very smooth slide drag, and most importantly, the electric reel is equipped with a cranking handle so you can fight the big sword manually.

As a bonus, when day time swordfishing we also put out a fish for dolphin to provide added action and table fair. Call us or email us for more information.

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