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The Cha Ching is located in Boca Raton and fishes the area referred to as the "Martini Glass" off of southern Palm Beach County.  This area is part of what is known as the famous Sailfish Alley during the winter months. Dolphin, wahoo, blackfin tuna and kings can also be caught here along with other species.  From its base in Boca, the Cha Ching travels to the Bahamas and the Keys as custom trips are booked by our clients.



Generally all Bahamas trips are custom trips that are tailored to your needs and location.

Depending on what types of fish you want to target, your budget and what island you prefer is how we plan the trips.

The most economical trips are to West End Bahamas. This area offers excellent bottom fishing, deep dropping for yellow eye snapper and queen snapper and Wahoo fishing when in season.

The price of fuel and all expenses associated with fishing the outer Bahamas Islands results in these destinations to be very costly. To provide a more economical Bahamas fishing expedition, Cha Ching Sportfishing Charters has developed trips to West End and Lucaya located on Grand Bahama Island. This is the closest island to Florida’s East Cost.

These trips offer a boat ride of 1hr 40mins +/- to West End where we clear customs. You must bring you passport. Once customs is cleared you have the option of going to the facility where we will be spending the evening hours and docking the boat, or go directly to fishing. This type of trip produces fish for you to take home for the freezer.  When you consider the cost of fresh fish in a store or restaurant, this kind of trip is not so expensive, plus you have the opportunity to enjoy fishing, the ocean, nature and the Bahamas. Call us or email us for more information.


The Chi Ching has fished in San Salvador for several seasons. Trip bookings vary with time of season and weather. The early spring months the target is on the big Wahoo and Tuna. We get shots at blue Marlin and dolphin during our day as well. Our main objective in March and April is targeting the 100lb Wahoo’s. As May approaches the Blue marlin, tuna and Dolphin are more abundant. Please understand the Wahoo are still around but generally speaking these fish are smaller. As June and July months approach so do the abundance of blue marlins. The tuna and dolphin are still there and show up in when marlin fishing. Bottom fishing is also a good fishing experience in San Sal. You can catch large Grouper and snappers. It is basically what you want to fish for. We can customize your trip per your needs and wants. Sal San is such a fish bowl you just never know what will catch but what experience and a challenge. You are fishing where the fish are abundant.


San Salvador is an island that is located as one of far most east islands of the Bahamas upper chain. It is a island that Christopher Columbus landed to discover America. It is an island that has many coral reef and deep trenches that makes its known for its fishing and diving. It is an island to get away form the fast tract life style. It is an island that is laid back with beautiful surroundings of the Bahamas. It is a island that has the nicest islanders around. It has two major resorts with marinas, and a major oceanic fishing college


What a place, it is an island paradise located in the good old USA. There are no entry fee, no US Customs to deal with and it has all the settings and feel of a tropic island and you do not even need to leave the US. As for the fish well if you like tarpon fishing , bottom fishing and want to chase the dolphin for sport and food this is the place to come. We offer special accommodations depending on season and you length of stay.


You need to call us and see what dates are available. You may need to book private or commercial flights for your trip over and back. A place to stay needs to be arranged. There are packages that can include breakfast and dinner. Once again we can customize and tailor your day as you see fit. We can make this a hard core fishing trip or family vacation to include diving and seeing some of the land area you are visiting.

Sailfish, Dolphin, Wahoo, King fish and bottom fishing trips. For the adventures and big game fishing enthusiasts we also offer sword fishing trips. We also customize trips to your needs and of the species.


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