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This topic puts us ahead of any charter boat on the market. Ladies instead of having a crusty old sea captain yelling orders and screaming when your trophy catch is on the line is not what you would call a perfect day. The Cha Ching offers Nadia who is a professional angler that has won first place in tournaments and is on the water on a regular basis. Nadia understands from a lady’s perspective how to catch your trophy fish on light or conventional tackle. She can by your side thought the entire fight. Nadia will show you how to battle a fish and not tire your self out. This gives to you as the angler a very memorable experience. This will prevent you say from saying, “I caught it but I will not do that again!"

Upon landing your catch you as a women will leave with a memory and a sense of achievement that will make you feel proud and keep you returning to the ocean to conquer the big game fish of the oceans. For you women anglers that want to know as much as your husbands/ boy friends there is available special tutored instruction classes arranged where Nadia will teach you how to properly fight fish with proper tackle, body stance and posture.  Adjust your fighting belts for maximum power and performance.  Rig baits, tie knots, rig lures, placement of bait in water when trolling, and all the necessary information to make your future days in saltwater fishing more involved. With this instruction it will start on the dock and finish on the water if you want a complete course.


This complete course will enable you to help your husbands/boyfriends on preparing and fishing your own boats without the help of a professional crew because you will know as much. The benefits of such a program of this is nature you are an active part of your own boat, you are part of a team with your boyfriend/husband that respect your knowledge and appreciates your help to make a successful day fishing on the water. Most important is that sometime couples have a communication problems in teaching one another which can lead to a unpleasant conversation etc. Call Nadia and let her teach you all you need to know with respect, calm conversation, and understanding your points of view and concern so when upon completion you feel good about yourself and you get a thank you and job well done by your significant other.

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